Information for International Students

We offer four different degree programs: one undergraduate degree program (B.A.), two Master's degree programs (M.A.), (a one-subject M.A. and a two-subject M.A.), and a Master of Education (M.Ed.).

The B.A. program provides students with a thorough grounding in linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies and, optionally, ESP studies (English for Special Purposes); it allows a moderate degree of specialization. Please note that in addition to English/American Studies you need a further subject of study (two-subject B.A.).

The two M.A. degree programs, by comparison, allow a high degree of specialization in the fields of Anglophone literature, culture and linguistics. The M.Ed. is a degree that qualifies for the teaching of English in German secondary schools.

All of our degree programs are open to international students, i.e. students whose university entrance qualifications were obtained outside the German educational system. However, applicants should be aware of the following conditions:

  • All applications are processed by our university's admission office. Do NOT send your application directly to the English Department. Please address yourself to:
  • The number of places available in the B.A. program is limited and admission will be granted on the basis of applicants' school leaving grades/grade point average (NC=Numerus Clausus).
  • Prospective students applying for the B.A. and the M.Ed. must also pass a German language test (DSH or TestDaF) in order to be admitted.
  • Applicants seeking admission to our Master's degree programs must hold a B.A. in English/American Studies (rather than English Translation Studies, for example). Additionally, they must submit English language test scores (the latter does not apply to students with B.A. degrees obtained in the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa). Please note that English test scores are mandatory - even if your B.A. courses were all taught in English. The following English language tests will be accepted:
International English Language Testing Service Test of English as a Foreign Language
(Internet Test)
Overall Min score: 7.5 (Min. Subscore Writing 7.0) Min score: 110


For any further information, including a step-by-step description of the application process, please consult the pages of the International Office.

Courses and Credits

All courses offered by the English Department are taught in English. In addition, there is an International Course Catalogue, which is designed for international students, staff, and all those
wishing to attend courses taught in English by other departments at RUB. It contains descriptions of each course with the number of credit points available, it helps international students organise their semester timetables and provides useful contact information for the various faculties at the university. All courses are open to exchange students and students of related subjects. You may register for your desired courses on eCampus. If you have missed the registration deadline, you can always contact the lecturers, who will add your name to the course lists once eCampus registration has terminated.

Language Courses

The Bereich DaF (German as a foreign language) offers German courses during the semester, which are free of charge for exchange students. There is a large array of different courses tailored to students’ specific language needs. A varying number or credits can be earned depending on the workload for each course.

The ZFA (University Language Centre) currently offers courses in 15 different languages. All courses are credited and free of charge for RUB students, including exchange students. However, except for beginners’ courses, a placement test is obligatory prior to registration.

Further Information: International Welcome Event

Our International Office organises an International Welcome, which is free for all international students, at the beginning of each term to help students get started with their studies, meeting fellow international students, and navigating their way around campus. The webpage of the International Office has a number of services available and may assist you in all matters concerning your stay abroad.